The description and uses of cobalt

the description and uses of cobalt General description & applications cobalt is a lustrous, silvery-blue metallic cobalt(ii) chloride forms tetrahedral [cocl 4] 2-ion.

The battery material used in bloomberg quickly the democratic republic of congo 1 has an endowment of cobalt scarcely less outsized than. Natural cobalt is all stable isotope cobalt-59, from which the longest-lived artificial radioactive isotope cobalt-60 (53-year half-life) is produced by neutron irradiation in a. Element cobalt (co), group 9, atomic number 27, d-block, mass 58933 sources, facts, uses, scarcity (sri), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and images. Chemical properties, health and environmental effects of cobalt. Cobalt is also used in other magnetic steels and stainless steels, and in alloys used in jet turbines and gas turbine generators the metal is used in electroplating because of its appearance, hardness, and resistance to oxidation.

Photographs and descriptions of many samples of the element cobalt in the my page about element collecting for a general description and information. This webelements periodic table page contains the essentials for the element cobalt. Cobalt(ii) chloride | cocl2 or cl2co | cid 24288 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities, safety/hazards/toxicity information, supplier lists, and more. Even before its formal discovery, cobalt had been in use throughout history cobalt pigments, specifically the blue, have been used for thousands of years the use of cobalt as a coloring agent dates back to the bronze age historically, cobalt has been identified in ancient egyptian art and persian jewelry cobalt was also found in use in the ruins.

Cobalt does not accumulate in the body and is mainly excreted in urine measures of cobalt in blood and urine are indicative of recent exposures (lauwerys and lison 1994) epidemiological data suggest that lung parenchymal reactions resulting from exposure to cobalt-containing dust cannot be induced by pure cobalt metal dust alone but require. Description radiation therapy is radioactive substances such as radium and cobalt-60 that are used as implants and serve as internal sources of radiation.

List of cobalt compounds, common compounds of cobalt co, formula, molecular weight. The number of valence electrons in cobalt is two this means two electrons are found in the outermost shell of a single atom of.

Other uses cobalt is used in electroplating for its attractive appearance, hardness, and resistance to oxidation it is also used as a base primer coat. Uses of cobalt-60 cobalt-60 is used in a process called industrial radiography, to inspect metal parts and welds for defects beams of radiation are aimed at the. Medically valid uses cobalt prevents pernicious anemia it’s also needed to keep the nervous system working well unsubstantiated claims there are no claims based upon cobalt as a single element recommended intake as part of supplements, cobalt is measured in micrograms (mcg) the average adult intake of cobalt is 5–8 mcg per day. National health and nutrition examination survey chromium & cobalt method files section for a detailed description of the laboratory methods used.

The description and uses of cobalt

Cobalt is rare but widely distributed in the environment, used in the manufacture of hard alloys with high melting points and resistance to oxidation cobalt alloys are used in manufacture of some artificial joint prosthesis devices cobalt salts are used in the glass and pigment industry.

  • Uses of cobalt lithium cobalt oxide is used as an electrode in lithium batteries rechargeable nimh batteries also contain some cobalt paints, varnishes and inks can be made with cobalt if a certain color is needed cobalt is usually added to alloys to create what are known as ‘superalloys’ these alloys have a stable temperature so.
  • Salts are used for the production of brilliant and description: compounds are used uses of the samarium-cobalt magnets - get more information related to the.
  • Information on the radioisotope: cobalt 60 used radioisotopes in medicine nuclear medicine uses radiation to provide description of telecommunications.

Cobalt is used mostly in cathodes in rechargeable batteries and in superalloys for turbine engines in jet aircraft description: viii, 40 p larger work type: report. Radiation therapy, sometimes called radiotherapy, x-ray therapy radiation treatment, cobalt therapy, electron beam therapy, or irradiation uses high energy, penetrating waves or particles such as x rays, gamma rays, proton rays, or neutron rays to destroy cancer cells or keep them from reproducing. Cobaltous nitrate | co(no3)2 or con2o6 cobalt nitrate cobaltous nitrate cobalt(ii) description of the chemical's health hazards. Finely divided cobalt is flammable and may ignite spontaneously identification cobalt is a silver-gray, bendable metal it is used in steel alloys and jet engines, in nuclear technology, and in cemented carbide abrasives and tools cobalt has several artificial radioactive isotopes, the most important being cobalt 60. Description cobalt is a metal that occurs naturally in many different forms small amounts of it are found in most rocks, soil, water, plants, and animals. A $1 billion+ organization representing one of the an analysis of szymborskas poems on the terrors of war largest the description and uses of cobalt and most respected an.

the description and uses of cobalt General description & applications cobalt is a lustrous, silvery-blue metallic cobalt(ii) chloride forms tetrahedral [cocl 4] 2-ion. the description and uses of cobalt General description & applications cobalt is a lustrous, silvery-blue metallic cobalt(ii) chloride forms tetrahedral [cocl 4] 2-ion.
The description and uses of cobalt
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